The site operated by Toscana Landhäuser GmbH www.toskana.de, is in cooperation with “Posarelli Villas”.

Toscana Landhäuser GmbH specializes exclusively in the sale of luxury Italian properties. Due to the continuously increasing demand on the rental market, as of 01 November 2014, our long-term business partner Posarelli Villas, have taken over this area exclusively and operate independently.

Posarelli Villas operates as a distribution partner for rental services and other services on behalf of property owners, property managers, agencies, tour operators and hotels. Posarelli Villas does not accept any liability if the tenants or accompanying individuals suffer damage, accident, theft or robbery, both in the rented property and elsewhere, either directly or indirectly during their holiday.

Posarelli Villas does not accept any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, through the use of this website and the information contained therein, nor through the use of websites associated with or used through Posarelli Villas.

All users, while searching for holiday accommodation on the Posarelli Villas website, are personally responsible for their results. Responsibility for the use of information contained on the website of Posarelli Villas is exclusive to the user. Moreover, Posarelli Villas does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in it’s website. Inaccuracies and spelling errors are possible.

Posarelli Villas can not guarantee that the descriptions on their website or the photographic information with respect to the maintenance, individual characteristics and the staff of the different accommodations to be correct and accurate. Interested customers are personally responsible for researching the general conditions of the rental property.

The homeowners reserve the right, without notice, to amend prices for their accommodation. It is therefore advisable to have a written agreement of rental conditions.

Posarelli Villas acts only temporarily as a mediator between the property owners and interested rental customers. As soon as this mediation through the booking itself comes to an end (for some accommodation this can be the case after receiving the deposit, for others when the entire payment is received by Posarelli Villas), the homeowners are entirely responsible to meet set agreed-upon conditions and to comply by the restrictions outlined in the booking. This includes the terms of payment, when payment of the balance is to be paid directly to the homeowners. The homeowners are therefore encouraged to check the accuracy of the personal information of any guest.

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