About us

Over 30 years of experience and passion for Italy.

About us

The history of Toscana Landhäuser began with falling in love with one of the most unique cultural landscapes in Europe. As this love with the landscape, the people and their lifestyle began, over 30 years ago, more precisely in 1982, so too began our journey of turning a hobby into a profession.

In the early eighties, when the beauty and history of Tuscany was known to but a few, we signed on our first rental holiday home. Some customers were those who had begun to build themselves a new life in Tuscany, and were considered pioneers in the region. These were also some of the first families who bought the abandoned and sometimes completely ruined rustic properties and set about to renovated either quite simply or luxuriously. At the beginning of the nineties, we were there as the property market exploded, this resulting in rapid growth and setting the scene for the success of Toscana Landhäuser GmbH. In 1995 our website toskana.de hit the worldwide web.

In the nineties, demand for vacation properties rose due to the increasing number of holidaymakers requesting every kind of house available in Tuscany. From simple rustic cottages, country houses, villas, flats in estates, family-run farm-holdings, to luxury properties. At the same time, the real estate market began to grow. Many customer’s who had spent time holidaying in Tuscany, now wanted to have something to call their own. At the same time many landlords, tired of the time and energy needed for short term holiday rentals, decided to sell.

From our years of experience our very precise knowledge of the Tuscany market has grown, therefore we can offer our customers a trustworthy, thorough service. With our first hand experience of life from two very different cultures, we have gained a deep understanding of similarities and differences between cultures. We are only too happy to share this knowledge with our customers. As a customer you benefit from our experience with us offering carefully selected, quality-controlled properties, clear transparent information, a property to fulfill your every wish and our personal on-site support for inspection and subsequent purchase.

Our initial passion and love for Tuscany has never ceased to grow and develop. We are proud to offer our 30 years of experience to each and all who want to realize their dreams with us.

Our in-depth knowledge and comprehensive overview of the market as buyers will save you precious time and bring you quickly to your goal of owning your dream home.

We provide a network of expertise to fulfill all desires near your future overseas property. You are therefore able to enjoy the benefits of your future home without delay.

Give us a try – you will see the difference.

Sincerely yours,
Corinna Hohmuth