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Our reviews

Bellevue Best Property Agent 2020
Toscana Landhäuser GmbH also received the BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS award in 2020. Many thanks to Bellevue!

Immowelt Business Partner 2019

Immowelt Business Partner 2019

Bellevue Best Property Agent
2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Toscana Landhäuser GmbH from Ulm was awarded the BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS prize in Hamburg (Download press release).

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Qualitätssiegel makler-empfehlung.de für Toscana Landhäuser GmbH

A champagne moment for buyers and sellers

Mrs. Hohmuth is very experienced in the acquisition and sale of vacation homes in Tuscany. Her advice on sales and subsequent transactions can be described as excellent. There are a lot of administrative aspects to handle, and she knows how to steer them in the right direction. She knows how to protect the purchasing dynamics. First class!

Grosseto, Italy

Pieter H.
on 7 Oct. 2019
Contact with broker: October 2019

Outstanding brokerage services
Thank you very much for the competent and excellent support during the acquisition of our real estate in Italy. I can recommend Mrs. Hohmuth without reservations.


Michael W.
on 9 Sep. 2019
Contact with broker: July 2019

Purchase of a winery in Italy (4 out of 5 stars)
While we were looking for a small vineyard in Italy, we came across the Toscana Landhäuseron the Internet. From our first contact on, Mrs. Hohmuth always sent us new house exposés and we were also able to visit several times to look at potential houses. Mrs. Hohmuth was always extremely competent and patient and accepted our concerns until we found the right object for us. Even during the sales process, she worked tirelessly for us and accompanied the difficult negotiations with a special salesman. We can therefore only warmly recommend Toscana Landhäuser and praise their work in the highest degree. We are still in contact with her after the purchase.

Castelfiorentino, Italy

Daniel S
On 4.10.2016
Broker Contact: July 2014

High reliability and individual advice (5 out of 5 stars)
Very good knowledge of local specifics. Very high commitment to satisfying the interests of both buyer and seller.

Siena, Germany

Wolfgang G.
on 05.06.2016
Broker Contact: September 2015

In good hands (5 out of 5 stars)
Ms. Hohmuth accompanied us professionally from A-Z with regards to our project. She responded to our wishes and ideas and proposed suitable objects for us. We were able to get know the owners of the proposed property (an Australian couple) while viewing the property. In legal matters, she gave us competent information and managed to get us through the Italian, bureaucratic hurdles. I would work again at any time with Mrs. Hohmuth and her team regarding to a property purchase, and can highly recommend them.

Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena, Italy

Stefan S.
on 30.05.2016
Broker Contact: November 2014

Fantastic advice  (5 out of 5 stars)
Honest, exact and correct description and listing of the property, open contact at any time for queries possible – all together super advice – at this point an emphatic recommendation!

Greve in Chianti, Italy

René S.
on 17.03.2016
Broker Contact: April 2015

Sale of Country House  (5 out of 5 stars)
I’m very satisfied.

Castelnuovo Berardenga, Italy

Ulrike O.
on 16.02.2016
Broker Contact: February 2016

Successful conclusion of the contract (5 out of 5 stars)
Although our sale involved some difficult circumstances, we were competently represented. We were very well and competently represented over the selling process. The calm, measured and competent nature of Mrs. Hohmuth and also the representatives she found for us, were all very pleasant. We were particularly impressed to notice that Mrs. Hohmuth spared us from “hobby inspectors”. All interested parties were very well chosen.

Sticciano-alto, Italy

Heidi P.
Agents Contact: April, 2007

Villa in Tuscany (4 out of 5 stars)
After talking with some local agents, we chose Mrs. Hohmuth who could address international buyers through her presence both in Germany and in Italy, but also locally through her knowledge of the market in Tuscany as well as by her Italian language skills, for example, helpful support with authorities. It was easy to evaluate prospects before our visit so that our private life was not overly disturbed. Support for the procurement of all official documents that were required for a real estate contract in Italy, as well as the smooth handling of the pre-contract and the purchase agreement with the notary and the buyer were impeccable. With great objectivity, Frau Hohmuth succeeded in catering to the interests of the seller and buyer on an equal level. I can very much recommend working with her.

Roccastrada, Italy

Wolfgang A.
Agents Contact: August 2011

Very good support! (3 out of 5 stars)
In the initial phase, there was an absence of flow of information. I would have liked a little more detail and current written documentation. After consultation however we were given everything we needed. The first on-site visit with a local helper was not so successful as some language barriers existed. After the project was taken over by Mrs. Hohmuth personally, it went very well. Her support in the lengthy buying process was always very positive and very dedicated. I would definitely use her services again for any other purchase.

Hildegard E.
Agents Contact: March 2011


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